Quick Facts

  • With a limit of 18 students, EDGE provides a nurturing community that emphasizes connection and relationship as well as a high degree of individual support and accountability.
  • EDGE students can take classes at any of the more than 20 colleges and universities within 5 miles of the program, as well as vocational programs, certificate programs, or other non-traditional post-secondary options.
  • Each student works with a therapeutic life coach, a learning coach, social engagement and career coach as well as adjunctive wellness staff to co-create goals and define their future path. Additionally, many of our young adults take advantage of Chicago’s rich therapeutic resources for additional outpatient therapy.
  • EDGE is a substance-free, co-educational young adult transition program with an emphasis on learning and holistic wellness.
  • 85% of all EDGE students go on to independent living following their time at EDGE and continue to be living independently six months post-discharge. Over 90% of EDGE students who finish the program successfully continue to have success in independent living twelve months post-completion.