7 Dimensions of Wellness

Taking a comprehensive approach to individual development, the EDGE community believes that a successful program must address all of the elements of an individual’s development. Our curriculum focuses on both learning and wellness to build the skills, connections, and support that students need to achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The EDGE program helps individuals build the skills to achieve wellness—an active, lifelong pursuit of becoming more aware of choices and making decisions for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. By striking a balance between autonomy and interconnection with a supportive community of peers, students develop a strong base from which to learn, experience, and grow.

To promote wellness, EDGE professionals offer a proven approach that includes mentoring to provide direction, frameworks to track progress, and development opportunities to expand interests. Our program features a number of proven methods and tools to assist individuals.

• A full assessment organizes information and tracks each participant’s progress
• Professionals help individuals master the habits to maintain balance and pursue success.
• Excursions expose individuals to new interests through short experiential trips and cultural opportunities.
• Community and family connections foster the support needed for skills development.
• External resources extend the support network and enable