Serving as a trusted partner and adviser
in your child’s development

EDGE’s staff members recognize the daunting task that parents face as they guide an adolescent into adulthood. Our Learning and Wellness Center partners with parents to support young adults in becoming responsible and autonomous.

Our program emphasizes the structure and skills that adults need to live a healthy, productive, and successful life. The EDGE Learning and Wellness staff members combine accountability and encouragement and work closely with students so that every young adult in our program receives accurate and relevant feedback about their progress. Parents are connected with the Program Coordinator who designs a schedule of updates to keep parents informed.  Our team communicates with parents on a regular basis so that they stay updated on their child’s progress and direction.

The EDGE community is built on a foundation of accountability and concern for individuals, a stark contrast to “dorm life,” which lacks the interconnectedness that many students need to be successful in college. Our care and concern for the young people in our program are direct extensions of your hopes and aspirations for your child, and we are honored to serve in this critical role.

EDGE’s location in downtown Chicago affords participants amazing experiences: immersion in a major city but with the necessary support to be productive; numerous networking experiences; world-class educational institutions; and a broad array of career paths and positive influences to allow our students to pursue their passion.