Pathways to College Summer Program

While an extremely rewarding experience for many, college can be a very demanding time for young adults. For the first time in their lives, students are expected to independently manage schoolwork, and are introduced to the reality of what it takes to live on their own. Effectively balancing academic, social and perhaps vocational demands requires strong executive function skills, and meeting these demands can prove to be a challenge for even the highest achieving students.

The lack of success found by many students is apparent. Recent data shows 40% of individuals attending college will fail to complete a degree, and 30% of college Freshmen won’t return for their Sophomore year. More than half of the students who drop out indicate that they were unable to successfully balance all of the demands of college. And with the average annual cost of tuition ranging from $25,290 to $50,900 per year, an unsuccessful collegiate experience can be an expensive proposition.

EDGE’s Pathways to College is a specialized 8 week program designed to provide students with the skills they need to be successful in the academic environment.  Through instruction and practical application, students will learn to:

  • Master executive function skills
  • Improve organization
  • Develop systems to effectively manage responsibilities and tasks
  • Access motivation and follow through
  • Develop self-advocacy skills
  • Negotiate interpersonal relationships