Program Outline

The Pathways to College Program is designed to be an 8 week experience for students focused on developing skills for success in the collegiate environment and beyond. EDGE students enrolled in the program may have the opportunity to earn college credit while building competencies that will assist them in being successful throughout their lives.

Week 1 – Program Orientation and Overview of Executive Functioning

During the first week of the program, students will be supported in adjustment to the EDGE environment, the City of Chicago, and receive an overview of executive function, including practical application.

Week 2 – The Role of Teacher, Parents and Others

During the second week, students are exposed to and begin to build on the concept of interdependence vs independence, and the importance of everyone accessing appropriate resources necessary for success.

Week 3 – Embrace the Gray and Winding Path

In the program’s third week, students begin to work on goal setting, and the skills involved in the recognition, setting and attainment of goals.

Weeks 4 and 5 – Building Resilience in the Face of Stress

No journey is without its obstacles, and in weeks 4 and 5, students begin to practice identifying challenges to success, and working through these challenges despite the potential desire to avoid them or abandon the goal.

Week 6 – Procrastination Stagnation

In week six, students tackle the progress barrier of procrastination. Understanding and practicing practical skills for persistence despite the desire for procrastination is key to long-term success.

Week 7 – The Role of Technology

We live in a world of amazing technology that can serve as either a facilitator or detractor from progress. In week 7, students will have an opportunity to explore and practice the appropriate utilization of technology to assist in progress as opposed to distraction.

Week 8 – Find Your Accountabilibuddies

Many people perceive accountability as an opportunity to be caught taking the wrong path. In the eighth week, students will focus on the concept of accountability, and how to leverage accountability as a method of continued progress to meeting their goals.